01 The Opportunity

Willy’s Establisment

The Gap

Back in 2015 upon Willy’s establishment
the burger cuisine market was highly
polarized between classic fast food
type vs. high-priced casual dining type.

The Vision

The vision is to create a burger brand
that is carefully aligned between the two
types to achieve as much as possible
being “Better Quality, Innovative, Fast,
Which inspired the tag line:

“Fast Gourmet”

The Progress

Now in 2024, with the notable rise in
customer preference for local brands,
driven by increased awareness of
food quality and ingredients.

Willy’s chain reached:


Registered Products


02 The Signature

Willy’s Product Innovation

Our Siguature:

9 years ago, we started a burger trend.

A viral masterpiece, now registered
as an “IP” under our brand name.

People embraced our invention and became one
of the most popular sandwiches ever since..

Nacho Flavors

Yearly Nacho Sandwiches
Sold and increasing.

03 The Environment

Willy’s Super Graphics

Our Design Langauge:

Authentic western yet modern look n’ feel.

03 The Design

Willy’s Interior Design

04 The Craftsmanship

Willy’s Factory

Our Commissary:

Our main objective is maintain production consistency as much as possible by self prepare most of our raw materials in our central commissary.

We proudly manufacture:

• Buns (Daily Baked)
• Burger Patties

• Sauces
• Chicken (Soon)

04 The Excellence

Willy’s Expansion

Yokal Acquisition

After demonstrating excellence in quality assurance and management, we were entrusted with the operational side of YOKAL.

In 2022, we acquired a significant percentage of the brand’s equity. Since then, we have successfully opened our 4th branch in 2 years.

05 The Innovation

Willy’s Innovations

The first restaurant
chain in Egypt history

to introduce its own
carbonated drinks

05 The Innovation

Willy’s Innovations

Lastest Innovation:

In Nov & Dec 2023, Willy’s successfully managed to launch 2 premium carbonated drinks (Cream Soda & Premium Cola)

The success was beyond our expectations and it was a trend products as soon as they were launched.

Willy’s Beverage

Soda Flavors

Bottle Sold
In less than 2 months

05 Digital Presence

Market Feedback

It Went Viral

05 On-Ground Presence

Market Feedback

05 Influencers

Local Support

05 Advertising

Marketing Exporsure

06 Achievements

Willy’s Annual Growth


7-Time Cairo360 Choice Award
Winner For Best Amercan Dining

07 The Team

Who’s behind the success

Wael Elshorafa
Founder & CEO

The founder and CEO of Willy’s Co., with over a decade of leadership experience in retail markets before launching Willy’s, brings a profound passion for the food & beverage industry. Inspired by extensive travels and food discoveries across 19 countries.

He envisioned Willy’s as a culmination of his culinary adventures and business acumen. His strong leadership and deep industry knowledge have been instrumental in establishing Willy’s as a prominent player in the restaurant sector, known for its innovation and commitment to quality.

Mohamed Anwar
CIO & Co-Founder

Mohamed Anwar, our Chief Information Officer (CIO), has over 15 years of experience leading IT strategy and large-scale projects. He has a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their business value, and proactively protects the organization from cyber threats while ensuring compliance.
Mohamed excels at transforming enterprise applications, infrastructure, service management, data engineering, and analytics. He effectively manages change, gains business buy-in, and aligns technology with strategic objectives. He has a proven track record of improving security, revitali- zing operations, and orchestrating large-scale programs.

Mohamed Abdelhadi
Co-Founder & Board Member

Mohamed is a seasoned technology consulting professional with 16 years of experience in leading firms
in Egypt and the UAE. He specializes in designing and implementing modern IT solutions tailored to meet business needs. With a strong grasp of financial principles.
Mohamed integrates cost-effective strategies to boost efficiency and drive growth. He excels in building lasting client relationships, serving as a strategic advisor and collaborating closely with business leaders to align projects with organizational goals.

Mohamed Mahmoud
Operations Director

With more than 30 years of experience in hospitality, our Restaurant Operations Director has a diverse background. He started in hotels, then progressed through roles at TGI Fridays, Tropicana Group, and Planet Africa. As General Manager at C4C Catering, he demonstrated strong leadership.
He provided strategic insights to various businesses. For the past nine years, he has driven operational excellence at Willy’s.

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